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Civil Engineering

Stability analyzes of supporting structures in the design state or of existing supporting structures in order to prove their continued safe use represent important tasks in structural engineering.

We have more than 30 years of experience in the stability analysis of structures in building, industrial and bridge construction, as well as special structures from the energy and plant industry.  

For special load situations, such as machine dynamics, earthquakes, impact loads or impact and bombardment scenarios, we offer you many years of experience and the necessary software tools to handle special tasks.

  • Stability analysis of buildings and industrial buildings under static loads

  • Proof of the load-bearing capacity of reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete bridges according to recalculation guidelines

  • Bearing capacity analyzes of industrial plants, dams and dams under earthquake loads

  • Analysis of restraint systems for vehicle impacts

  • Stability analyzes for power plant and nuclear power plant structures under earthquake and impact loads

  • Analysis of structural responses under static and dynamic loads for sports facilities (squash courts) on land and at sea

  • Structural analyzes in industrial plants with machine excitation

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