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Civil engineering


The gravity walls were mapped with the subsoil as 2D finite element models and examined under combined loads of flow pressure, buoyancy and other static loads as well as earthquake loads. Both classic verifications of gaping joints and incremental discrete crack models were used to demonstrate stability.

Proof of stability of gravity walls (Listertalsperre, Fürwiggetalsperre) from the Ruhrverband Essen on behalf of the Ruhrverband, Essen

Dams Algeria

For two dams (Beni-Bahdel and Meffrouch), which were built in Algeria in the 1930s and 1960s as reinforced concrete vaulted row walls, the stability verifications were carried out for various load case combinations of static loads, operational and extreme loads as well as earthquake loads.

The work was carried out by the Ruhr-Wasserwirtschafts-Gesellschaft mbH, Essen, which also examined the current condition of the dams and the geological conditions at the dam locations.

Proof of stability for two dams in Algeria under static and earthquake loads on behalf of Ruhr-Wasserwirtschafts-Gesellschaft mbH, Essen

Aerospace engineering 

Meteor missiles

Fatigue strength tests were carried out for the Meteor missile for different operating load conditions.

Discrete crack propagation analyzes were carried out for the shell structure and critical load cycle numbers were determined.

Fatigue strength verification for the Meteor system on behalf of Bayern-Chemie Gesellschaft für flugchemie Antriebse mbH, Aschau am Inn

mechanical engineering

CESA development of a railway tank car for increased safety requirements

For the transport of chemicals in railway tank cars, additional safety elements (crash buffers, climbing protection, protection of the dome) were developed and implemented in two prototype cars.

triK Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH was significantly involved in the development of an energy-absorbing underframe and the concept development of crash elements as well as their testing.

Development of new safety elements for railway tank wagons for the transport of chemicals 

Medical technology

Atraumatic chest spreader

Atraumatic chest spreader on behalf of Aesculap AG & Co. KG to reduce the force effects on the sternum when opening the chest for cardiothoracic operations. The design of Aesculap AG was optimized using numerical simulation models.

Atraumatic chest spreader for cardiothoracic operations commissioned by Aesculap AG

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